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ISO 16949, ISO/TS 16949, Auditor Training

ISO 16949, ISO 16949:2009 Training Course

Online ISO 16949 Auditor Training * ($239.95 only!)

Link to the ISO 16949 course information, and to the certification consulting.  

-You want to quickly and efficiently learn how to audit to ISO 16949,

-you want to upgrade your expertise from auditing QS 9000 to ISO/TS 16949,

-you want to upgrade your expertise from auditing with the guidance ISO 10011-1 to ISO 19011:2009,

-you want improve your résumé and career opportunities in the Automotive Industry with qualifications in quality assurance, by adding this course to the education or training section of your CV,

-you do NOT have time to allocate 2 days to take an ISO auditor class,

-you want to train more of your staff on auditing economically and without having to immobilize them in a class for a full day. IMPORTANT: General Motors and Ford will not accept QS-9000 certification/registration after December 14, 2006; DaimlerChrysler stopped accepting QS-9000 certification/registration July 1, 2004,

-you want to BE TRAINED ON how ISO/TS 16949:2009 relates to core tools, such as:

-Statistical Process Control (SPC).
-APQP/CP: Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plans).
-PPAP: Production Part Approval Process.
-FMEA: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.
-MSA: Measurement Systems Analysis.

the online ISO 16949/ISO 19011 auditor training is the solution:

download the course outline
  • It can be taken from anyone's workplace or from home through the Internet.
  • It has "save and exit" features so that you can do it at your own pace (a couple of sections per day...).
  • The cost ranges from $203.96 for group training of 10 or more employees (each student receives his own login and password) to $239.95 for individual training. This is an average 60% cost savings on comparable class courses.
  • It uses quizzes and case studies that give very good exposure on various types and classes of medical devices.
  • It provides excerpts of the International Standard/specification ISO/TS 16949 and uses ANSI/ISO/ASQ ISO 19011 to give guidance on auditing quality systems. Both standards are reprinted with permission of the American Society for Quality and ANSI. All the theoretical aspect of auditing is covered according to the guidelines of RAB (Registrar Accreditation Board). Practical training with trained auditors, such as participation in an audit is necessary before you can audit effectively after taking this class.
  • It uses a continuous evaluation method with on-going quizzes and case studies to facilitate the information retention.
  • If your final average in the ongoing evaluation is equal or greater to 70% you will be issued a training certificate that you can print for 16 hours of training or 1.6 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) on auditing ISO/TS16949:2009 using ISO 19011.
  • If your final average in the ongoing evaluation is less than 70%, you will have to take a final exam and score above 70% to be issued the training certificate.

Worldwide Course Recognition:

CALISO online training courses are recognized by all registrars and hiring companies as objective evidence of effective training on the particular standard and regulation. Since 1999, they have been the most popular and most widely used training courses in English, with over 15,000 trainees in the US and worldwide. The standard and regulations are provided online under licensing of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI), the American Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE), or courtesy of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Employees of some of the following corporations are using this online course:

Testimonial on the ISO/TS16949 auditor course:

"I just completed the Interactive online training for the new ISO 9000:2008 Standard. I liked the fact that I was able to take the class at my convenience from my desk at work. I was able to allocate a few hours over a 4-day period to take the class. The layout of the on-line training was easy to follow. All of the standard requirements were in italics and an easy-to-understand "translation" could be found directly underneath. Also, since each section was followed by a short quiz the entire process didn't feel overwhelming."

Julie C. Hagmann - ISO Coordinator of Baxter Healthcare Corporation-Pleasanton Division

User instructions:


Upon registration using Visa, America Express, or MasterCard you will receive an invoice, and an E-mail notification with the password and link to login and take the class. PO and DD 1556 purchases are available for corporate and Federal Government accounts; fax the PO to (509) 756-6053. 

Secure AreaTHE TRANSACTION IS SECURE: The credit card registration is done through a secure socket, so there is no risk for your credit card information, which is protected and cannot be intercepted.

If you register multiple users you will receive a password for each one of them.

To take the training:

  1. Go to the pre-signup screen (, select a User ID that you can remember easily, enter your password and invoice #.
  2. If you are part of a group of users, go to the signup screen (, and enter your personal information that will be used in the training certificate.
  3. Go to the login screen; enter your User ID and password.
  4. You will be presented with training slides followed by quizzes, after taking a quiz, click on the score button to proceed.
  5. You cannot retake quizzes again, but you can go back and look at previous slides by using the "Previous" button.
  6. You have help buttons for each quiz question, and documentation examples for each training slide.
  7. Unless otherwise designated, all quiz questions are within the context of ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 19011:2009.
  8. The training is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ and Netscape 4.5+

User Recommendations:

-Even if your connection is slow, do not click on buttons such as "Submit", "Login" or "Score" twice.
-Empty your browser disk cache on a regular basis to optimize the performance of your browser.
-For ease of readability select "Verdana" as your display font.
-Do not disable cookies. If you are planning to leave the training for more than 20 minutes, "Save and Exit". The training session times-out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Order copies of the ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 19011:2009 standards from ASQ or American National Standards Institute

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