ISO 9000 Work Instruction

Subject: Fun

Document number: 9062114
Revision 2.5
Date Effective: Yesterday
Owner of process: Everyone
Approved by: No-one

1. Purpose

ISO 9000 standard work instructions are being mandated in organizations around the world for product manufacture, documentation, software development, and other processes. However, success and failure in most organizations is more dependent on employee satisfaction with their environment than on any other factor. Employees who describe their jobs as actually being "fun" are typically between two to three times as productive as the employee who, for example, describes his or her job as "unrelieved, living hell without the upside". This ISO 9000 standard attempts to address this requirement by identification of activities that increase the likelihood of having fun on the job. Addition of the final ingredient, actual "fun" itself, can only be done by you.

2. Scope

This document applies to all organizations, and to all groups within the organization.

3. References

The following references are applicable to this document.

  1. Adams, Scott; Build a Better Life.
  2. Augustine, Norman R.; Augustine's Laws.
  3. Parkinson, C. Northcote; Parkinson's Law.

4. Definitions

Fun: Consisting of elements of animation, bliss, buoyancy, cavorting, cheer, chuckles, delight, ecstasy, frivolity, frolicking, gags, gaiety, gladness, glee, happiness, jests, jokes, joviality, joy, laughter, light-heartedness, merriment, mirth, play, pleasantries, quips, rapture, sport, tranquillity, and witticism.

5. Entry Criteria

To achieve consistent levels of fun, an organization requires a predisposition to cooperation, enjoyment, tolerance, and goodwill.

6. Instruction

The following sections identify activities to maximize the possibility of creation of a fun work environment.

Management will:

Employees will:

Support Staff will:

Human Resources will:

Facilities will:

All personnel will:

7. Exit Criteria

This ISO 9000 process reaches an end-state when all members of the organization look forward to coming to work at the beginning of each day, and leave at the end of each day with a genuine sense of joy, self-worth, and achievement. Failure to have fun will not be tolerated. This standard supersedes all previous issues, and takes precedence over the constitution.

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