This text is from the second edition of ISO 9001, The Standard Companion. It is based on the now obsolete 1987 version of the ISO 9001 Standard. The third edition, based on the current 1994 standard, is available from Simply Quality.

4.18 Training

Train People to Do Their Job

Have a procedure for determining what training is required by each person whose work affects product or service quality. Qualify people for their work based on their education, training or experience. Keep training records for all employees.


Training needs must be determined for each individual based on the skills, experience and knowledge needed to perform their work. Training includes not only "quality related" training, but training in the technical and safety skills required to perform the work. Required training must be completed before assigning a person to carry out work. Records of training completed by each person must be kept. When giving auditors access to training records, take care to maintain the privacy of personnel records by separating them from the training records.

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