Books on Mug and Brush Shaving

  1. A Closer Shave : Man's Daily Search for Perfection by Wallace Pinfold. A multicultural, multicentury, and multifaceted tour of shaving--from how to trim a moustache to famous beards in history. 200 color and b&w photos and illustrations.
  2. The Shaving Mug & Barber Bottle Book : With Value Guide. 19th-, 20th-Century Historical Photos, Catalog Illustrations, 682 Color Photos: Bottles, Cabinets, Etc. ESTEP, KEITH E 08x11 240pp HB 1995, Published by Schiffer Pub Ltd, ISBN: 0887407617, VG 69.95
  3. The Vanishing American Barber Shop/an Illustrated History of Tonsorial Art, 1860-1960 by Ronald S. Barlow
  4. Standard Guide to Razors: Identification and Values by Roy Ritchie and Ron Stewart. Collector Books, Paducah, KY 1995.
  5. The Razor Anthology, by various authors. Knife World Publishers; 1995,  ISBN: 0940362171.
  6. Safety Razors: A Price Guide ~ Don Perkins and Mary Perkins, LW Book Sales, 1995, UK, ISBN 0895380358
  7. The Standard Guide to Razors ~ Roy Ritchie, et al, Paperback, Published 1995
  8. Shaving Your Face (Project More Daily Living Skills) Casper Ferneti, et al / Paperback / Published 1978
  9. Lesson Plans for Standard Textbook of Professional Barber-Styling, Paperback / Published 1989
  10. Milady's Standard Textbook of Professional Barber-Styling, Maura T. Scali-Sheahan / Hardcover / Published 1993
  11. Milady's Standard Textbook of Professional Barber-Styling (Lesson Plan) Milady / Hardcover / Published 1993
  12. Professional Barber-Styling State Board Exam Review, Milady Sta / Paperback / Published 1984
  13. Standard Guide to Razors, Identification & Values by Richie & Stewart. More than a straight razor price guide, this popular book also contains information on the history of shaving, razor collecting, and the factors that affect a razor's value. An extensive listing of razor brands will prove useful to all cutlery collectors. Several color photos. Softcover, 142 pages.$9.95
  14. Collector's Guide to American Razor Blades by Philip Krumholz. From Acme to Zinn, this 264-page book lists all of the known brands and manufacturers of razor blades. Brief historical information and collector values are given for over a thousand individual blades, providing a useful reference for the many now pursuing this exciting, inexpensive collectable. Softcover, 263 pages. $19.95

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