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Business Strategy Design & Implementation for CEOs and Senior Management   ($219.95 only!)

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This is the ideal course for the CEO, Executive, other senior management team member, or corporate development department (strategy) staff who must design the vision for the company and chart the course and strategy for the management team to follow.  It is critical for CEOs, executives, and key managers to be able to think strategically and design strategy for the business; this helps the CEO, executives, and other senior managers to stay aligned and make the right strategic choices.  Executives and managers who are strategic thinkers can be more valuable to their company and critical for strategy design and execution; the strategic knowledge and methodology contained in this course can help to multiply revenue, reduce costs, deepen market penetration, and ultimately strengthen company competitiveness. 

This course was designed by expert partner-level management consultants with an average 15-years of experience with the top tier global strategic management consulting firms as consultants to Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions. 

Clients have noted that this is a great complement to an "MBA in strategy" as this course tends to be more practical, less theoretical, concise, powerful, and has been tested in real the real world at some of the worlds largest companies and banks to increase competitiveness.  The approaches and frameworks shown in this course can be applied immediately to real strategy and operational issues at companies.  A concise, practical, powerful strategy design and implementation methodology like this one is not available in any book or publication.  This methodology focuses on putting in place the right strategy, capabilities, and enablers (organization, processes, technology, and metrics).  It contains advanced management consulting style charts, graphs, and frameworks.  Many companies make the mistake of implementing the enablers before designing the strategy.  As a result, the wrong organization, processes, technologies, and metrics (enablers) might ironically be implemented "consistently and company-wide in a high quality way".

-Are you interested in learning world-class best practice methodology which will help increase your value to your company and help you think strategically?  Do you need to develop a competitive strategy for your company?

-Is the vision and strategy for your company unclear or possibly in need of further enhancement?  Are you uncertain if you have the correct organization design, processes, technology, and performance metrics needed to successfully execute the business strategy?

-Are you starting a new business, a new division of the company, or expanding into new markets/product lines? 

-Is your company restructuring or implementing quality programs but so far not seeing desired results? 

-Have you noticed that legacy processes, policies, and organization structures at your company don't change although they seem inadequate, out of date, or inconsistent with the business strategy?

If your answers to any of the above questions are yes, then this is a great course for you.

This course covers world-class best practice Strategy Development & Implementation and is a stepping stone to acquiring the knowledge needed to help direct company strategy, operations, organization, technology, and performance management, and is structured as follows:
  • It can be taken from anyone's workplace or from home through the Internet without any time limit to complete the course. 
  • It has "save and exit" features so that you can do it at your own pace (a couple of sections per day...). 
  • After registration, there are no time limits on when you can start or complete the course. You have complete flexibility in taking the course around your schedule.
  • The cost ranges from $178.46 for group training of 10 or more employees (each student receives his own login and password) to $219.95 for individual training. This is an average 50% cost savings on comparable class courses.
  • The training uses examples and quizzes that give very good exposure real business issues and the nuances of strategy, details, and specifics of methodologies from various angles. 
  • It uses a continuous evaluation method with on-going quizzes to facilitate the information retention. 
  • If your final average in the ongoing evaluation is equal or greater to 70% you will be issued a Strategy Training certificate that you can print for 8 hours of Strategy training. 
  • If your final average in the ongoing evaluation is less than 70%, you will have to take a final exam and score above 70% to be issued the training certificate. 


Business Strategy Design & Implementation for CEOs and Senior Management



  • Definition 
  • Examples of Vision 
  • Importance of Vision 
  • How to Create a Vision 
  • How to Use the Vision Statement 
  • Quiz and Explanations 
CHAPTERS 3, 4, & 5:  BATTLEGROUNDS (Market Segmentation) 
  • Definition 
  • Examples of Battlegrounds 
  • Importance of Battlegrounds 
  • How to Select Battlegrounds 
  • How to Use Battlegrounds 
  • Quiz and Explanations 
CHAPTERS 6 & 7:  TACTICS (Strategy) 
  • Definition 
  • Examples of Tactics 
  • Importance of Tactics 
  • How to Develop Winning Tactics 
  • Quiz and Explanations 
  • Definition 
  • Importance of Brand Aspiration 
  • How to Develop Brand Aspiration 
  • Examples of Brand Aspiration Characteristics 
  • Soft Criteria 
  • Performance Criteria 
  • Quiz and Explanations 
  • Definition 
  • Examples of Capabilities 
  • Importance of Defining the Right Set of Capabilities 
  • How to Define the Right Capabilities 
  • Value Chain 
  • Aligning the Company with Customer Segment Demands 
  • Strategy Development and Implementation Framework 
  • Operations Alignment with Strategy and Brand 
  • Quiz and Explanations 
  • Definition 
  • Examples of Organization Components 
  • How to Design the Right Organization?
  • Definition 
  • How to Design Appropriate Processes?
  • Process Mapping 
  • Key Considerations 
  • Definition 
  • Examples of Strategic Technologies 
  • How to Obtain/Design the Right Technology 
  • Definition 
  • How to Establish the Right Metrics?

Leading companies and banks are using this online course/
components of this methodology:
Several of the largest and most successful companies and financial institutions in the U.S. and throughout the world have used parts of these methodologies to achieve an annual $50 million to a $400 million increase in profitability and value of the company.  Management consultants knowledgeable about similar methodologies can charge up to $4,500 per day.  This course is of tremendous value and we believe well worth the tuition fee, which is priced at this modest level for a limited time only.

Testimonial on the Business Strategy Design & Implementation for CEOs and Senior Management course:

"I have just recently enrolled on above mentioned course and have attempted my first quiz today. I am finding this course really useful and full of business insights and I want to read more about it...." 

                  Harrison M., EVP, Medium-sized global electronics manufacturer 

"Thank you for the training.  It was really helpful and powerful.  Since all of our departments have gone through this training, we can benefit from this experience and methodology.  It will help us to make the company more competitive in the market.  I can see that my management team has learned a lot and we should apply it to how we execute our business." 

                  Edward H., EVP, A top 5 bank and one of the largest credit card issuers

"We have all benefited from going through the rigor of this strategy methodology.  My management team should implement the business as has been shown here.  I endorse this approach for our company."

                  Chairman H., A top 5 regional bank

"The methodology and approaches shown here are very powerful and convincing.  We have implemented the brand positioning methodology shown with great success.  We acquired an insurance company and re-branded it according to the brand aspiration framework and strategic positioning diagram.  After much effort, we produced a branding campaign which was aligned with our business strategy.  Ultimately, we were recognized as the winner of a global brand competition among all country CMOs."

                  Steve O., CMO, A top 3 European-based multi-national financial services conglomerate 

"These methodologies and frameworks are very powerful.  It has shown us a new way of thinking.  It has resulted in enhancements to our value proposition and strengthening of the functionality of our product.  We like the rigorous strategy approach."

                  Founder, A top 5 internet web analytics company

"The methodology and analytical approaches shown do get to the right answer.  That's what we found after having applied it to our business.  The tough part was informing the senior management team of the severity of the problem our company had because they were tired of hearing bad news.  The methodology accurately forecasted losses under our old strategy.  We might have avoided the some losses if we adopted these approaches sooner."

                  Doug, Senior Risk Manager, A top 10 U.S. national bank's mortgage division

"This has created a lot of value for our bank.  We just received an offer for $600 million for our credit card division.  After implementing the strategy frameworks for 3 years, we have come from almost nothing to a sizable business with good value.  We also now have one of the better-known credit cards in our market.  Profitability for this division is also now stronger than that for all other divisions of the bank.  Thank you."

                  Yumi H., EVP, A top 10 regional bank

"The approaches shown helped us tie together our affiliate companies with a better strategy.  We were able to develop a product which features benefits and a loyalty program covering customer purchases at all our group companies.  We now look at the customer relationship across the group instead of for just one product.  This has driven cross-selling and also very high response rates on our direct mail drops due to our ability now to target prospects more effectively and design more relevant offers.  We even had to stop one direct mail campaign because the response rate was so high!"

                  Chairman Douglas H., A top 5 financial services company

"I really like the strategy pyramid.  This is a great way to represent it and I wonder if you wouldn't mind if I use this with my management team.  I think you guys did a terrific job in putting this methodology together."

                  Michael W., CMO, one of the largest nation-wide mortgage companies in the U.S.

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