WHAT IS CALISO'S PRIVACY POLICY? Caliso Consulting, Inc.. and our affiliated companies worldwide ("Caliso") are committed to respecting your online privacy and recognize your need for appropriate protection and management of any personally identifiable information you share with us. See our Privacy Policy


WHAT IS CALISO'S REFUND POLICY? Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you register to any of our online courses and are not satisfied with the content, let us know within 30 days of registration, and BEFORE you complete the course or are issued the online certificate: we will refund 100% of the registration fee. We are confident, that like our many other trainees, you will like any course we offer, take some of our other courses, and also recommend them to others. We are proud of our achievement, and want to show it through the explicit satisfaction guarantee that other trainers cannot offer. 

WHAT IS YOUR SHIPPING POLICY? All our online courses and downloads are delivered online upon registration. There is no physical shipments of any products. 

WHAT IS YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACT INFORMATION? For support you can send us an e-mail to or call us at 1-800-306-1366 . 

HOW CAN I ACCESS MY TRAINING CERTIFICATE? All you need to do is log back in with your User ID and Password. Your certificate will be displayed for you to view or to print, for 3 years after your initial registration. . 

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I REGISTER? Upon registration using Visa, America Express, or MasterCard you will receive an invoice, and an E-mail notification with the password and link to login and take the class. 

CAN I PURCHASE BY PO? PO and DD 1556 purchases are available for corporate and Federal Government accounts; fax the PO to (509) 756-6053. 


IS THE CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION SECURE:? The credit card registration is done through a secure socket, so there is no risk for your credit card information, which is protected and cannot be intercepted. 

HOW DO I REGISTER MULTIPLE USERS? If you register multiple users you will receive a password for each one of them. 

HOW DOES THE PROGRAM SCORE THE QUIZZES? It will circle YOUR Answer and put a CHECKMARK in front of the CORRECT answer. If the checkmark is circled, it means that you selected the correct answer. 

CAN I GO BACK TO LOOK AT THE PREVIOUS TRAINING SLIDES? Yes, by using the PREVIOUS button at the bottom of the training pages. 

CAN I GO BACK TO LOOK AT THE TRAINING SLIDES OR QUIZZES ONCE I FINISH THE COURSE? No, you cannot. Once you finish the course, you cannot access the course material anymore. You will only be able to access your certificate by logging into the course. 

CAN I RETAKE A QUIZ? No, you cannot. 

IS THERE A TIME LIMIT ON FINISHING THE COURSE? No, there is no time limit, BUT all course registrations are systematically deleted from the system after 3 years. So you need to complete your course within the 3 year period.

I GET AN ERROR WHEN I TRY TO HAVE MY FIRST QUIZ SCORED, WHAT DO I DO? Your Browser cookies must be disabled. To enabled them click here. 

I THINK THE PROGRAM IS NOT SCORING PROPERLY, WHAT DO I DO? It is most probably a misunderstanding on how the scoring is done. The program will put a checkmark in front of the correct answer, and circle your answer. If the checkmark is inside the circle, you selected the correct answer. If not, the checkmark will indicate the correct answer, and your answer will be circled with a cross inside it. If you still have doubts please continue taking the course, print the questions with their answers and then print the scored answers. If there are discrepancies to fax it to us for review at 509-756-6053. 

I ALREADY LOGGED IN AND CHOSE A USER ID BUT I FORGOT MY USER ID OR PASSWORD, WHAT DO I DO ? Go to the description page of the course you took and click on the Password/User ID retrieval link at the bottom of the page. 

I NEVER CHOSE A USER ID AND FORGOT MY PASSWORD AND/OR INVOICE NUMBER, WHAT DO I DO? Go to the description page of the course you took, and click on the User ID/Invoice number retrieval link at the bottom of the page. 

I GOT A MESSAGE SAYING THAT MY SESSION HAS ENDED, WHAT DO I DO? That occurs when you stay more than 20 minutes without any activity logged in an online training course. You need to quit the browser and start again. 

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