EtQ 9000 MapsŪ - Process Map Templates

EtQ 9000 MapsŪ streamlines the quality management process by helping design and document a quality system using a technique called process mapping. A process map is a picture of how people do their work. EtQ 9000 MapsŪ provides you with specially designed flowchart templates to completely map the core processes required for an ISO or QS-9000 quality system - Why reinvent the wheel? Process mapping drastically reduces the time required to document and maintain the multitude of information needed to demonstrate ISO or QS-9000 compliance. A good process map is the foundation for effective quality improvement efforts. It provides an easy-to-visualize way for people to analyze and agree on the most efficient "routes" to take under various circumstances."

SolutionsŪ for Quality Management Challenges

EtQ SolutionsŪ totally automates your quality system using today's most powerful groupware engine, Lotus NotesŪ. Automating your quality system eliminates duplication of effort and guarantees seamless capture and analysis of critical information, enabling employees at every level of the organization to work smarter, saving time and money.

Created with intuitive icons, screens, buttons and on-line help, EtQ SolutionsŪ is easy to use and understand. It includes built in mistake proofing through "keyword" lists, auto-help screens and system prompts.

EtQ SolutionsŪ also features a "Data Center" that enables centralized control of the access, options, and functions of the entire system. And its open architecture allows customization without complex programming. Not only does EtQ SolutionsŪ meet all the requirements of ISO/QS-9000 but it goes beyond quality management to solve other business problems such as: information security and management, knowledge collection and access, customer tracking and more!