Environmental Management Systems in the Real World

Edited by Christopher Sheldon
Paperback 410pp. £16.95/US$30.OO ISBN 1 874719 01 2
Hardback 410pp. £29.50/US$52.OO ISBN 1 874719 06 3
Available February 28th 1997

ON SEPTEMBER 1ST 1996, ISO 14001 was published, worldwide. Written over five years in consultation with international industrial experts, non-governmental organisations and regulators, this environmental management systems standard will help organisations manage their impacts on the environment, no matter what their size, nature or location. The implications for the future are enormous.

But what does the standard mean in the real world? What changes do managers have to make to accomodate its principles? What decisions need to be faced and when? Is it really going to make a difference or is it just another case of global greenwash? Will it be another missed opportunity for you, your organisation, or your market? At the start of what promises to be a worldwide explosion of interest in standardised EMSs, ISO 14001 and Beyond looks at their creation, their use, and their limitations, attempting to discover the essential truth about this important management tool and where it will take industry.

ISO 14001 and Beyond assembles the leading thinkers and practitioners in the field to record their thoughts and experiences on the new standard, its advantages and disadvantages. The book is designed to provide the reader with enough information with which to form an opinion on the future, and how that will influence subsequent actions. It also provides reassurance that,
although the problems are real, so are the solutions. ISO 14001 and Beyond gives you the opportunity to read what some of the best minds have made of the standard so far and what they think lies ahead. There are reports covering a global spectrum of concern: from the US, Russia, Japan, Canada, Germany, the UK, and more; from multinationals, small- and medium-sized enterprises, local government, universities and professional bodies.

ISO 14001 and Beyond provides a unique overview of progress to date and gives the reader an informed look into the future
John Elkington
Chairman, SustainAbility, UK

This is a timely and interesting work both for environmental management professionals and for all those interested in the business and environment debate

Jonathon Porritt, Forum for the Future, UK

ISO 14001 and Beyond ... reminds us that any standard is a benchmark for excellence and a catalyst for improvement and success. The case histories and the strategic reviews alone are a source of inspiration and competitive advantage.

Claude Fussler, Vice President, Dow Europe

ISO 14001 and Beyond is an essential book for the forward-looking ( and -thinking) in the late 1990's.

Oswald A. Dodds, Chairman, ISO/TC207/SC1 (EMS), Chairman BSI Committee REsponsible for
BS 7750

Table of Contents

John Elkington, SustainAbility, UK

Christopher Sheldon, Green Inck, UK

Section 1: Laying Down the Law: How Self-Regulation Came of Age

1. Beyond 14001: An Introduction to the ISO 14000 series
Dick Hortensius, Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut, The Netherlands and Mark Barthel, British Standards Institute, UK

2. Neither International nor Standard: The Limits of ISO 14001 as an Instrument of Global Corporate Environmental Management
Harris Gleckman and Riva Krut, Benchmark Environmental Consulting, USA

3. The ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard: One American's View
Christopher Bell, Sidley and Austin, USA

4. Squaring the Circle: Fundamental Barriers to Effective Environmental Product Labelling
Mark Smith, The Open University, UK

5. Trade, Competitiveness and the Environment
Donal O¹Laoire, Environmental Management and Auditing Services, Ireland

6. Environmental Management Standards and Certification: Do they Add Value?
Tim Sunderland, Arthur D. Little, UK

Section 2: Coping Strategies: Important Trends in Corporate EMS Development

7. Environmental Management Systems: Challenges for Russian Manufacturing Industry
Jim Hutchison, Anatoly Pichugin and Ann Smith, University of Hertfordshire, UK

8. Attitudes and Experiences of the Japanese Business Community vis-à-vis EMS Standards
Tomoko Kurasaka, Environmental Auditing Research Group, Japan

9. Environmental Management Systems: ISO 14001 Issues for Developing Countries
Aidan Davy, The World Bank, USA

10. Training and Environmental Management Systems
Andy Wells, EMSi, UK

11. Environmental Management Standards: Who Cares?
Andrew Blaza and Nicky Chambers, PULSAR International, UK

12. Targeting Sustainability: The Positive Application of ISO 14001
Philip Sutton, Green Innovations, Australia

13. From EMAS to SMAS: Charting the Course from Environmental Management to
Andrea Spencer-Cooke, SustainAbility Ltd, UK

Section 3: Tactical Responses: Managers at the Greenface

14. Beyond ISO 14001: Ontario Hydro¹s Environmental Management System
Phil Stoesser, Ontario Hydro, Canada

15. EMAS Implementation at Hipp in Germany
Matthias Gelber, Staffordshire University, UK
and Bernhard Hanf and Sven Hüther, Hipp, Germany

16. Training: Preparations for Maintaining Effective Environmental Management Systems
Gabriele Crognale, MCG & Associates, USA

17. Eco-Management and Audit Scheme for UK Local Authorities (LA-EMAS): Three Years On
Nigel Riglar, Local Government Management Board, UK

18. Environmental Management Standards: What do SMEs Think?
Ruth Hillary, Imperial College, UK

19. Towards Innovative, More Eco-Efficient Product Design Strategies
Jacqueline Cramer, Philips Consumer Electronics, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

20. Establishing Workable Environmental Objectives
Alison Bird, Institute for Environmental Management, UK

21. Environment Risk: Assessment, Management and Prevention of Loss
David Shillito, David Shillito Associates, UK

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