Computer-based Learning that provides assistance in Registering for ISO 9000

Press Release, LearnerFirst, 1075 13th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35205

The registration process for ISO 9000 can be a back-breaking task. Piles of books and scores of ISO 9000 consultants are available, but wouldn't it be great if you could be guided step-by-step through the entire process? Of course, you could pay an ISO 9000 consultant to do the job for you-- and not be sure yourself what happened. Or you could turn to LearnerFirst How to Implement ISO 9000.

LearnerFirst has created an ISO 9000 software program for Windows users, LearnerFirst How to Implement ISO 9000 with Dr. Lawrence A. Wilson. Recently selected as International Writing Group Chairman for the new revisions of ISO 9004 (one of the most significant documents within the ISO 9000 family), Dr. Wilson has been a nationally recognized leader in the field of Quality Assurance Management/ Systems for over 40 years, including serving as Director of Product Assurance and Safety at the Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company. The software encapsulates Dr. Wilson's knowledge, giving you years of experience and knowledge at your fingertips.

LearnerFirst How to Implement ISO 9000 breaks the complex ISO registration process into simple, step-by-step activities. It enables companies to systematically apply and implement the eight steps toward ISO 9000 registration. LearnerFirst How to Implement ISO 9000 is unique in that it does double duty, as tool and teacher. You learn and you complete the registration at the same time, virtually eliminating the learning curve. It can be used as an educational tool to help your organization get the ISO 9000 big picture, and it can be used at a more sophisticated level, serving as an extensive database, report generator, and process organizer. Its concise tutorials, easy-to-use notepads and logs, and a clear scheduling system keep the whole process organized, meaningful, and clear.

LearnerFirst How to Implement ISO 9000 provides the information you need, asks the right questions, and offers suggestions, guidelines, checklists, and ongoing dialogue every step of the way. A significant benefit of this software package is its interactive capability, says Dr. Wilson, This technique permits the user to systematically respond to prompts and questions as he or she builds a focused approach and database that is tailored to their organization. This work-at-your-own-pace program will help you to:

As an added bonus, the new Q9000-1994 series of five quality standards is integrated into this software program as a value-added reference tool. LearnerFirst is the leading producer of expert-based learning software in the quality assurance field. 'Our knowledge-based software programs,' says LearnerFirst's president, Larry Wilson (no relation to Dr. Lawrence Wilson), 'help learners at their convenience and pace. When you need assistance, it's like having Dr. Wilson right there in your office to help you through the process-- better in some ways, and at far less cost.' If you are the one responsible for leading the registration process for your organization, this software leaves nothing to chance.

Other software packages from LearnerFirst include LearnerFirst Benchmarking with Dr. H. James Harrington, and LearnerFirst Process Management with Tennessee Associates International.

LearnerFirst How to Implement ISO 9000 sells for $795 and runs on Windows-compatible personal computers. It can be ordered from LearnerFirst (205-934-9182).