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Section 4.1.1 of the ISO 9001 standard requires that management "shall define and document its policy for quality, including objectives for quality and commitment to quality . . ." It goes on to say that the policy "shall be relevant to the supplier's organizational goals and the expectations and needs of its customers."

How has your organization satisfied this requirement? We would like to know so we can use your success as a good example to others.

Please help us to create a gallery of Quality Policy statements. If your organization has become registered to ISO 9001:2000, please send us a copy of your Quality Policy and your scope statement. A representative set of quality policy statements is being assembled by Simply Quality and presented here to serve as an example to organizations seeking registration.

Please E-mail your responses to info@simplyquality.org or mail them to: PO Box 21, Middletown, NJ 07748.

Thanks for your response, and be sure to visit our Quality Manual Gallery.

ISO 9001:2000 Registered Companies:

Zenith Software Limited, Bangalore. Quality Policy:

We practice continual Improvement to achieve customer delight by providing Customer-Centric, Cost-effective, Timely and Qualitative software solutions.

ISO 9001:1994 or ISO 9002:1994 Registered Companies:

Spectra-Physics Scanning Systems - Quality Policy

We the employees of Spectra-Physics Scanning Systems make the personal commitment to first understand our customers expectations then, to meet or exceed our commitment to those expectations by performing the correct tasks defect free, on time, every time.

Richardson Electronics Ltd. - Quality Policy

It is the policy of Richardson Electronics Ltd. (REL) to:

  1. Provide products and services of the highest possible standards, to satisfy our customer needs, expectations of quality, safety, reliability and service.
  2. Accomplish quality objectives by establishing, implementing and maintaining a documented effective Quality Assurance System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9002.

AlliedSignal Aerospace Equipment Systems - Quality Policy

"We will become a Total Quality Company by continuously improving all our work processes to satisfy our internal and external customers."

Scope Statement:


Our facility, AES Tempe, Arizona was accepted for registration on July 6, 1994 by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Our certificate number is QSC-3850 Rev.1

CEB is committed to providing the highest quality voice/data communications repair and refurbishment services to our customers by:

Phelps Dodge Copper Products & Refining Corporation--Quality Policy


We are committed to being very aggressive in our attitude towards quality and customer service, primarily since we want to be ranked as the "best" in our business. Quality is not just another goal, it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.


Our customers demand and warrant a high quality product---it is our responsibility to give them what they want If we don't,. they'll find someone who can. If customer requirements are unclear, then it our job to seek out a better understanding of their requirements/specifications. If we fail at any time, then we must determine what went wrong and assure that it doesn't happen again.


Our quality objectives are to furnish high quality products, on time, and at the lowest cost. The attainment of such objectives will lead to, customer satisfaction, enhanced copper performance at the application level, and ongoing improvements in process efficiency. Once an objective is achieved, it should be recognized and reset to stimulate further quality improvement. To reach our objectives, we will have to maintain a constant focus on quality with full dedication, commitment, and teamwork.


Our journey is Total Quality Management--fully satisfying our customers requirements through a process of continuous improvement. It's critical to understand that Total Quality Management is not a short term program. It's a long term commitment aimed at continuously improving the way we work, providing a safe work environment, managing our business processes, and supplier selection/retention. It is our goal to posture our company for market expansion, thereby providing improved job security and quality of life for all.


It must be clearly understood that we'll not allow quality to take second place behind cost or schedule. All employees have the right to question their supervisor's decisions or actions if they feel that quality is being compromised.

Autodesk Operations - Quality Policy

To manufacture and deliver quality products efficiently, in a professional and flexible environment, on time and at the right cost to our customers, while driving to become a world-class organization.

Argo-Tech Corporation - Quality Policy

To meet or exceed all requirements agreed to with our customers.

C. B. Kaupp & Sons, Inc. - Quality Policy

C. B. Kaupp & Sons, Inc. strives to conduct its business with a total commitment to our Customers and their requirements. We define quality as conformance to our Customer's needs, both internal and external; and conformance to all quality requirements.

In order to achieve this goal, we need the cooperation and effort of the entire C. B. Kaupp & Sons, Inc. work force. We must function as a team in our efforts to give the Customer what they want every time. In an effort to promote Team Work we went to the employees and asked them to help write our company policy. The policy below was written by C. B. Kaupp & Sons, Inc. employees on March 1, 1994.

At C. B. Kaupp and Sons, Inc. we are dedicated to achieving the highest degree of Customer (internal and external) satisfaction!

We will achieve this by:

  1. Knowing who our Customers are and what they want - through open communication.
  2. Understanding the requirements of our jobs and the systems that support us - through training and education.
  3. Making continuous improvement a part of every day and every job - through the use of team participation and measurements.
  4. Ensuring that our Policy and Procedure Manuals reflect what we actually do.
  5. Remembering that we are here because of our Customers! Realizing our Customers are the reason we have our jobs, and that through on-time delivery of quality parts at a fair market price is how we will keep them!
  6. Helping each other to help ourselves!
  7. Understanding how our jobs fit into the overall flow of work at C. B. Kaupp & Sons, Inc.!

C Continuous Improvement through
A Alignment of our Missions and Goals
R Responsibility and Respect for our job and each other
E Educating one another

Lansdale Warehouse Co., Inc. - Quality Policy

The Lansdale Warehouse Company is a provider of premier warehousing and distribution services to a significant variety of customer needs. We provide a safe and secure environment for a customers' goods at a reasonable cost.

Our dedication to excellence is our prime mission.

We provide an atmosphere of quality management to our employees that engenders an entrepreneurial attitude on their part that ultimately translates into:

100% customer satisfaction through a "Zero Defectives" process

We have adopted attitudes towards continuous improvement that will ensure dependable customer service well into the future. Employee participation and honest communication, combined with a clearly defined understanding of our customers needs, are the tools that assure success for our process.

Connelly Containers, Inc. - Quality Policy

Connelly Containers, Inc. is a global provided of corrugated products with strong emphasis in the heavy test, multiwall, corrugated board.

We are committed to satisfy customer needs by:

We are committed to the preservation of natural resources as an obligation to society, and will promote recycling and the use of recycled materials with ourselves, our suppliers and our customers.

The quality management system is to be used by all Connelly Containers, inc. employees to raise standards, reduce waste and to make Connelly Containers, Inc. a better place to work.

Quality at Connelly containers will continue always to be a consideration in all our internal and external business activities.

(signed) Thomas S. Connelly, President

HK Metalcraft - Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of HK Metalcraft supports our Mission Statement:

HK Metalcraft is committed to QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY and COST-EFFECTIVENESS, and will:

To meet our commitment, we must:


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