Systems govern processes and projects. When systems are designed and driven to meet needs they can satisfy our concerns for the quality of products, services, the environment and our health, safety and security. This is why a growing number of customers use national, international and industry standards to specify systems.

Invest five days to study the mother of all system standards (ISO 9001) and to acquire a vital system skill: audit. Use your insights and expertise to improve any business or government agency. Pass the optional exam if you want to formally register as a provisional system auditor and to progress to lead auditor.

Dual accreditation puts you beyond international agreements to choose globally where you can work as a registered auditor or lead auditor.

With world-class professionals as instructors, you will be taught and helped to earn two beautiful certificates (inscribed by a calligrapher) for students meeting the rules of the RAB (Registrar Accreditation Board in USA) and the IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors in UK). Classes are limited to twenty students.

Join our Alumni as a: Director, Manager, Coordinator, Consultant, Engineer, Lecturer, Auditor, Inspector, Lawyer or Accountant and be even better qualified. Professionals like these have all benefited from our dual accredited course.

After succeeding in your class: you can use any system standard, assess the completeness of systems, target essential improvements, provide guidance on systems and qualify as an auditor according to your experience. Our coaching and resit service also exists for the few to retry for exam success. We also continue the relationship with Alumni long after they put their new insights to work.

Smile while you learn with short lectures, teamwork and role-play to develop understanding of this important new subject. The program starts Monday 8 am and runs to 6 pm through the week to Friday 1 pm:

Sign up today. After payment you will receive a copy of the American National Standard (ANSI/ASQC Q9001) and preclass work to help prepare you for success.

CALL 800 666 9001 or 800 FAX 9004

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