Background of SSQC

Drawing from experience in obtaining and maintaining one of the first ISO registrations in the US, SSQC offers on-site and public training, on-site implementation and pre-assessment support, and an array of ISO-related publications. Active in the Quality community through participation in ANSI/RAB and ASQC committees, the principals of SSQC (Robert C. Bamford and William J. Deibler II) have published and presented numerous articles and papers on ISO 9000, the SEI/CMM and other quality-related topics.


SSQC provides a complete range of courses and seminars as public or on-site offerings. All of these courses can be licensed for internal use. SSQC's courses have been offered by ASQC, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, Software Research Inc., SEMI, and other international organizations.

The Core Curriculum

SSQC's core curriculum offers two parallel sets of courses. The first track is for Manufacturing and Service Providers. The second track focuses on the requirements of Software and Systems Providers.

C101 and C102 Executive Overview

For managers who are considering or preparing for registration under ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 and who need a broad understanding of the associated costs and schedules

C103 and C104 Value-Added Auditing

For auditors and implementors who assess or manage the assessment of business practices to ensure on-going effectiveness, suitability, and compliance with ISO 9001 or ISO 9002.

C105 and C106 ISO Registration as a Managed Process

For implementors, ISO coordinators, auditors, and managers who are creating the plan and establishing the business systems that will ensure that ISO registration is achieved within budget and on schedule and that the registration-related activities deliver the maximum return on investment to the organization.

Advanced and Specialized Topics

C201 Models for Software Quality: Comparing the SEI Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to ISO 9001

For managers, auditors, implementors, and software engineers who require an understanding of ISO 9001 and Version 1.1 of the CMM.

C202 Exploding the Myths of ISO 9001 and ISO 9002

For managers, auditors, implementors, and ISO coordinators who must overcome objections based on common misconceptions about the impact of ISO 9000 registration on an organization's business practices.

C203 Intensive Introduction to ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 for Implementors and Auditors

For managers, auditors, implementors, and ISO coordinators who require a detailed knowledge of the content of ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 and how they apply to their organizations' business practices.

C204 ISO 9000: A Purchasing Perspective

For Purchasing and Quality Managers who are investigating the impact of ISO registration both on their organizations' business practices and on their suppliers'.

C205 Models for Software Quality: Perspectives for Auditors

For experienced auditors, audit managers, and quality system implementors familiar with ISO 9001 who must assess the effectiveness and conformance of an organization's software engineering practices.

C206 Process Mapping

For any individual involved in defining, documenting, or reengineering business systems to establish baselines for current practices, to identify opportunities for improvement, and to improve or optimize organizational performance and planning accuracy.

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