Frequently Asked Questions About ISO 14000

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Q: What is the ISO 14000 Standard?

A: (This answer is based on the text of the May 11, 1994 version of working paper SC1 / WG1 of the ISO/TC207 draft of ISO 14001)

ISO 14001 is an emerging standard entitled "Environmental Management Systems - Specification" Although it has no formal relationship to the ISO 9000 family of documents, it is structured much like the ISO 9001 standard. A central element of the ISO 14001 standard is the "Environmental Policy" defined by an organization's top management. A system is then defined that ensures that the environmental policy is carried out by the organization. This involves planning, implementation and operations, checking and corrective action, and management review.

The Booklet ISO 14000, Meet the Whole Family! is provided by the International Organization for Standardization.

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Q: How can I obtain copies of the ISO 14000 Standard?

A: For more information about ISO 14000, contact the American National Standards Institute at (212) 642-4900

Q: What books are there on the ISO 14000 Standard?

A: Many books are now available. Here is a list: