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No Code but Car Cranks without starting on a 2000 Nissan Maxima

Occasionally the car would crank strongly but not start. There was no hint of of it beginning to fire. If I waited a few minutes and tried again the car would start up without any problem. The MIL light is not on and no codes are present. When I took it in the dealer noticed I had a Mobile "SpeedPass" device on my keyring. This is an RFID transponder that interferes with the NATS—Nissan Anti Theft System. The NATS also uses a RFID transponder embedded in the key handle. It is apparent as a blue segment within the black plastic. The system uses an antenna in the steering column to recognize the correct RFID response from the key. The speed pass is also an RFID transponder. Occasionally it would interfere with the NATS system. The response is to cut off the fuel pump, presenting exactly the symptoms I was seeing. The technician said that when this happens the red security LED stops blinking and stays on red to indicate NATS failure. A  simple solution is to move the speed pass away from the steering column when starting.

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