Service Engine Soon
Using your car's on board diagnostic system


With some detective work and a bit of luck, you can often use the diagnostic trouble codes to guide a simple and complete repair of your car. Here are the details of some successful repairs. Please send us your comments and repair stories so we can add them here.

Always follow the instructions and safety procedures described in the user manual of your OBD II equipment and the owner's manual of your automobile.

Keep a detailed log of the scan codes and discuss this information carefully with a knowledgeable and helpful service manager.

It is also helpful to search for service bulletins relevant to the problem. These give good information on the causes of the problem and recommend specific steps to take to solve the problem. You can use this information to decide if this is a repair you can do your self, or will need help with. At least you can take the service bulletin to the dealer when you drop the car off and discuss the repair plans in detail with the service manager. Resources for locating service bulletins are listed in the references pages on this web site.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s service manual for your vehicle before performing any test or repair procedures. Contact your local car dealership, auto parts store or bookstore for availability of these manuals. A list of suppliers is provided in the references pages on this web site.

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